We bikers love the freedom and thrill of riding on the open road and, up until now, have been prepared to accept the risks and level of protection traditional helmet technology offers. However few of us are likely aware that traumatic brain injury accounts for the largest number of motorcycle accident deaths, many of which are caused by the brain heating and swelling. Indeed, trauma to any part of the body can cause the brain to heat up and swell; but your skull doesn’t give when your brain swells.

Halo® Active Technologies have recognised that existing helmets, while protecting you upon impact may, because of their insulating properties, increase the potential for lasting neurological or even fatal damage to occur. Cooling is an accepted method of reducing swelling and Halo® Active Technologies have patented the first active endothermic helmet technology that instantly cools the inside of the helmet in severe impacts to the head.

In addition Halo® Active Technologies have recognised that you may be unconscious, in a remote location, and in need of rapid response from the emergency services. Our Halocator® GPS emergency communications system ensures you get a response from the emergency services ASAP and is also capable of relaying important information to them prior to arrival at the scene.

Further Halo® Active Technologies have developed a docking station and pillion pack, making Halo the world’s first helmet system.

So now, you can still enjoy the thrill but be a little safer at the same time.