The Halo Product Range


Our challenge was to design a helmet that looked stylish, performed as well as today’s leading helmet and then add new and unique potentially life-saving elements; effectively a new category of helmet. So not only will you want to wear it because it looks and feels good, it could save your life on that one day it all goes wrong.

Head trauma occurs in around 80-90% of all motorcyclist fatalities. A key factor in these injuries is swelling within the skull, which can damage brain cells, blood vessels and nerves. Halo® active technology helps to mitigate this by cooling the rider’s head immediately after the accident in the critical time, known as ‘the golden hour’, before emergency services arrive on the scene, having been alerted by our Halocator® system.  

The polystyrene foam (EPS) found in most motorcycle helmets is the same foam that is installed in the walls of refrigerators and portable coolers. It’s the perfect energy absorber…and insulator. The helmet acts like an oven to an already hot, sweaty head causing post-accident brain temperatures to potentially reach a fatal threshold. 

Halo® active technology works by triggering an endothermic chemical reaction inside the helmet lining at the moment of impact. 

A cut-away showing the ‘endothermic ring’ within the helmet lining

A cut-away showing the ‘endothermic ring’ within the helmet lining

Halo® active technology works by triggering an endothermic chemical reaction inside the helmet lining at the moment of impact. The helmet immediately cools the motorcyclists head, keeping it cold even before the emergency services have been called.

See Halo® active in action



The Halo® CTEC-1 is the world’s first active helmet, incorporating our patented endothermic technology and Halocator®. The contemporary design of the CTEC-1 also benefits from a striking carbon fibre and Kevlar shell as well as adjustable air ventilation, Kevlar Integrated Strap System (KISS), visor locking system, removable COOLMAX lining and security tag.


Calls the emergency services when you can't

All too often we hear stories of riders enjoying ‘the lanes’ or the moors and backroads when it goes wrong. Who knows where you are? Is anyone expecting you back? Did anyone see you come off? Can you move to go and get help and when will the next car come along? At night this is even more of a drama.

“It’s ok though I have my phone”

Some riders are unconscious after an accident, or you may struggle to get your phone to your head with a helmet on, or even find your phone if you are injured.

Halocator® is the emergency beacon technology incorporated within the Halo® helmet that alerts emergency services in case of an accident. 

Halocator® is activated following an accident and sends a message to a call centre. The operator will then ‘call’ the helmet which becomes a live communication system; they talk with you to ascertain your status and if needed they can keep talking with you until help arrives and we can call your emergency contact if needed. If there is no response, the emergency services are alerted and given the transmitted GPS co-ordinates along with any pertinent details that have been stored on the Halo® customer database such as name, next of kin contact details, known allergies, illnesses etc. We explain to the emergency team about the helmet so they understand why you are cool and how to remove emergency cheek pads etc.

Halocator® is provided free for the first year following purchase and is then available as a subscription service thereafter. 


Kevlar Integrated Strap System

Most helmet straps are riveted into the helmet and this can be a point of failure. KISS – Kevlar Integral Strap System –  is a unique system, which provides extra strength over conventional straps to help prevent injury through breaking of the strap on impact. The KISS is woven into the helmet’s carbon fibre layers; so many KISS strands form a strong tie into the helmet keeping it solid as a protective unit.


The Halo® CTEC-1 helmet: £999 (easy payment plan, including a smaller deposit plus monthly payment option, to be announced). The price includes free subscription to Halocator for the first year.  See below for servicing the Halo cooling device, and Halocator subscription beyond first year.  

Special offers

There is a special offer during the pre-production phase for anyone who registers their interest in the Halo® CTEC-1 helmet to receive a free Halo Dryonizer worth £249*. Apply for this offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Pillion pack; The CTEC-1 also comes with a pillion pack option, which includes a second helmet. This option is attractively priced at £1,699 for both helmets. The rider helmet has all features and benefits of the CTEC -1 as outlined above; The Pillion CTEC-1P has all the same features as the CTEC-1 excluding the Halocator.

Servicing and warranty of the ‘active’ capabilities of the Halo® CTEC-1 helmet:

5 Year Helmet warranty; the Carbon Fibre/Kevlar shell, the KISS system, visor system, and the EPS (terms and conditions apply).

Technology warranties to cover the Halo cooling device and Halocator emergency service see below (terms and conditions apply).

The Halo cooling device; purchase price and subscription includes a free replacement Halo cooling device at 24 and 48 months when taken to an approved Retail service centre. This warranty and safety check can be extended with an ongoing subscription to the Halocator device, this is recommended.

The Halocator; Emergency service. The purchase price includes the first year’s free subscription to the Halocator emergency service. You must register for this service or warranty is invalid. It is recommended that on purchase you take out the second year’s subscription at £7.95 a month for which payment only starts at month 13 (see below) When you take out the 2 year subscription the Halocator is serviced after 24 months at an approved retail service centre. This service will change the battery and check the device is in working order. If you do not take out the second year’s subscription the Halocator service will cease after 12 months. You can extend this service


Purchase price £999.00

24 Months subscription £7.95 per month (first year free)
48 month total care ‘subscription £4.95 per month (first year free) or a £237.60 one off payment.

 Pillion Pack

Consisting of the CTEC-1 and CTEC-1P. Purchase price £1699.00 (covering both helmets)

Monthly subscription £12.75 per month (first year free)
48 month ‘total care’ subscription £7.91 per month (first year free) or a £380.00 one off payment.

Terms and conditions
*Free Halo Dryonizer offer is available to anyone who registers their interest on this web site and then goes on to purchase a Halo® CTEC-1. The Halo Dryonizer will be provided as soon as it is available after payment for the Halo® CTEC-1 has been received. **Essential Halo replacement every 24 months is conditional on a subscription being maintained without interruption from the initial purchase date. *** We use UK pricing; prices may vary according to individual country taxation.


A new way to keep your helmet dry and fresh.